Monday, August 4, 2014

Girlsrule1012's Doom

Not too long ago I was befriended by girlsrule1012. We didn't become actual buddies or anything. We just knew each other slightly.

I was checking through some blogs and discovered that Girls looks completely different. Her rares are gone, her membership is out, and her den is empty! 0.0

The question is, what happened to Girls?

She only has two animals remaining- Colonel Vinecat and Expert Spiritboy. The animals are itemless.

She doesn't have any pets, either. Wait a second!

Only ONE achievement left!? That doesn't make any sense at all!

Girls looked too much like a New Jammer. In fact, this is more fishy than any regular hack. Girls had membership before, and none of her achievements show the Welcome to the Club ribbon.

Was Girls hacked? If so, hacked by who?

Did she switch accounts?

Why are her achievements glitched?

Can anybody else explain this? Cause I can't. :T

Also, I suggest spying on these strange people:

  • Hyperdunk
  • X
  • Congratulation
They all seem to be friends, but they may be much more.

Stay safe!


  1. She might've switched usernames, then maybe she was slightly famous or something and someone took the old username afterwards?

    1. That is possibly what could have happened. Nice theory.

  2. I came up with a new Jamaa Legend! Can you maybe post it tomorrow?
    So, you know the story of how Zios and Mira fell in love, and the phantoms were created? Well, ever wondered whats been happening ATFER?

    Zios and Mira had 4 children. 2 girls, and 2 boys. The first phantoms existed BEFORE Zios passed away. During this time, a war broke out. Zios created a temple of protection for his 4 children. Darkness could be enter the walls of this temple. Zios recognized it was time to call upon animals, he landed the temple in a jungle like area of Jamaa. He called the 6 greatest warriors, to be Alpha's! And other great warrior's to be Shamman's! They battled the phantoms, than one day, Zios ventured from the temple, and died. Mira, created even more phantoms from this, and fled.... The eldest of his children, can still hear what Zios tells him. He has his powers. He was too take care of the children. And so the eldest brother did so, however the youngest brother, passed away. Later, he discovered he and his two sisters were half phantom. They can control it through most of the year, but during the month of darkness, there darkness takes over.


    *The temple Zios made is the Chamber of Knoledge.

    *Me and my friends came up with this, and I changed it slightly.

    *If people like this story, I'll write more detail, and trust me, It will be epic O3O


  3. im currently spying on stallion1, seth33, and visualeffects they also seem suspicious

  4. Ok so i was at x den and wootmoo was thrre i asked x a question and he di not anwser and sorrybabout thhis terible spelling i on my nook typeing this and y hand is asleep XD

  5. Nafi, is there a way we can have a private chat? I need to talk about something

    1. OH NO! no one can ever say that in front of me it makes me want to know! D:

    2. XD me too -XxrarepixelationxX

    3. Same lol! But guys I think she got hacked and when she got hacked she switched to a different account


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