Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CS Stuff About Me


  1. I sleep with stuffed animals too XD
    -Balaur the Cutie

  2. I'm born in the year of the horse too! I'm Scorpio. I sleep with my teddy bear XD Sadly, I am not addicted to CS. Honestly, it got pretty boring for me. Anyway, cheers!

    1. Yeah... I kind of regret posting the addict stamp now, since I'm not totally addicted. I just liked the picture of Totoro.

    2. Year of the Snake =)
      I'm Leo e.o
      *Thinks of Loke*


  3. Same here, I am not as "obsessed" with CS as with AJ. By the way, I still sleep with my favorite stuff animal, the one my parents gave me when I was two years old. XD And your birthday is in April? Boy, I have to get some presents! XD -ca1412

  4. Nice! How do you make stamps? Do we necessarily need to get on CS for those?

  5. Naffy, we just had the party for 140,000 views and now we have more than 150,000 views! Yay! This blog has gotten more well-known than when I first read the blog! :) -ca1412

  6. I can't get on my animal jam account. i wanted to change my pasword, so i sent that message to my e mail and tah dah, it's not there :'( I cannot get on it DX


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