Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips Around Jamaa


Visit the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt Shiveer for a warm, tasty treat!

Click on the floating purple game icon  next to the Hot Cocoa Machine.

Choose your cup shape, style and color.

Click on the mix flavor you want your hot cocoa to be.

Click on the marshmallows or whipped cream to go with your cocoa.

Lastly, pick a topping for your hot chocolate.

Enjoy! Your cocoa will appear next to your animal.

Once you make 25 hot chocolates, you will get the Yummy Cocoa achievement.


Head over to Captain Melville's Juice Hut in Crystal Sands for a juicy refreshment.

Click the floating purple game icon above the counter.

Pick a smoothie flavor. My favorites are strawberry and banana.

Slide your cup across the screen, filling it with the fruit you choose.

If you catch the wrong fruit, you'll be set back.

Once your cup is full, it will appear next to your animal! Have a sip and chillax.


A movie at a theater isn't complete without buttery popcorn!

Click on the floating purple game icon next to the popcorn machine.

Fill up your bucket with the yellow popcorn. Avoid catching the kernels and burnt popcorn.

If you catch the kernels or burnt popcorn, you'll be set back.

Once your bucket is full, it will appear next to your animal!


Creating and mixing colors in Brady's Experiment Lab is tons of fun, but it's even more fun when you discover this secret combination.

Click the floating purple game icon next to the experiment table.

Now you need the secret pattern:

Click red 3 times.
Click blue 3 times.
Click green 3 times
Click the fire 3 times.
Press the orb in which the potion is bubbling in.

When you know you've done it right, all the bottles will fizz.

A color changing potion will appear next to your animal.

You will also get the Chemist achievement for creating the Rainbow Potion!


Phantoms got on the loose after Zios' great fall. When three or more Jammers sleep next to the pit in the Temple of Zios, Phantoms will arise from the hole, drifting into your nightmares.

When two people sleep, a misty fog will steam from the pit. From there on out, you'll be able to see the pesky Phantoms that desperately want chaos to rule Jamaa.


This tip can only be used at the Summer Carnival. A secret combination might just stir up a Phantom shaped snack!

Click on the floating purple game icon in the window of the booth.

Choose a cone. Your cone pattern and color won't effect the cotton candy.

Now, click the cotton candy colors in this order:

Click the black mix.
Click the white mix.
Click the black mix once more.

Your Phantom Cotton Candy will appear next to your animal. Yum!


When several Jammers stand or hop on the ice in Mt. Shiveer, the ice starts to crack. There have been no records of the ice breaking, but maybe you could be the first!


The magnificent arch in Coral Canyons cracks when three or more Jammers stand or hop on it. Nobody has broke the bridge yet, but maybe someday somebody will.


If enough Jammers dance at the Club Geoz, a disco ball will hang from the ceiling, rocking the party like never before!


If enough Jammers dance around the fire pit, the ancient spirit of Mira will arise from the flames, causing everyone around to gaze upon her presence.


  1. can u do the one on the fire pit in sarepia? where mira comes?

    1. u can do the mira one on both fire pits

  2. I love this page so much! <3 So helpful! :D

  3. Look at the bottom "That makes me a cat, get your facts right!" And "U NEED COMMON SENSE" :0 I smell blood in the water...

  4. anyone know about the boat game? i've heard of it and apparantly it's in jamma township, but i don't know how to play it. does it still exist? if it doesn't, why are there still awards for it?
    -eraismap(as known on aj)

    1. It's a den item only


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