Saturday, April 1, 2017

Important Notification

Hey Jammers! Just so you all know, I have now left for my vacation and regular posting won't resume until April 9th-ish. While I may only be able to post once or twice during my trip, I would like to mention that the 850,000 views contest(s) are now up and running and ready for entries! Check them out by clicking here. Thank you all for understanding! See you soon!





  2. Have fun Naffy! And nice new blog template!

  3. Have fun on your trip! I sure will miss your posts! :')

  4. Enjoy!!! :D


  5. Hey nafaria if you got a JAG from glittergal626 saying " come find me " with a phantom background and phantom stamp it was from me. I wanted to freak you out i don't know why but glittergal624 is my play wild user i do play wild more because my computer is super slow the name glittergal624 was taken so it's glittergal626 i wanted to tell you but i'm an nm so no typing in JAGs i just wanted to tell you because that was probabaly pretty weird for you


  6. Have fun! I will miss reading your AWESOME posts, bai!

    P.s: Could you add my second blog Scammer Watch Organisation AJ to the blog list?
    The link is . It's a blog dedicated to taking down scammers, and talk about new scams going around and how to avoid them. I shame scammers in posts.



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