Wednesday, April 19, 2017

''AJS Mola Mola'' + Fan Art + Funny Pictures

Hello Jammers! ^.^ How are you all on this fine day?

Well, not very long ago I was strolling through Jamaa when I checked to see if the Cruise Ship party was on, and sure enough, it was! I went there and got myself a smoothie, bought a few items, slid down the slide... you know, all the stuff you do at the Cruise Ship party, when I realized something I had never noticed before.

The name of the cruise ship that you're riding on when you go to the party is called the ''AJS Mola Mola''. Seems like a pretty tropical and exotic name for a cruise ship, right? It's a perfect fit!

But what exactly does ''AJS Mola Mola'' mean, anyways?

My guess is that AJS stands for Animal Jam Ship, or something along those lines. Comment down below what you think AJS stands for; I'd love to hear your thoughts!

On the other hand, mola mola is actually another name for the ocean sunfish, which is the heaviest known bony fish in the world. According to Wikipedia, adult mola molas can weigh between 247 to 1,000 kilograms. That's crazy!

Image result for mola mola

The mola mola is definitely a strange-looking creature, but a cool one, too.

Now that we've uncovered most of the mystery behind the cruise ship name, I'd like to show off this epic piece of fan art I recently received!

This was drawn by millyiscool. Thank you so much Milly! I love it!

Finally, to end this post, I've compiled some funny sayings I've heard around Jamaa. Feel free to take a look for a laugh!


Thanks for reading Jammers! See you next time!


  1. AJS mola mola, explained:
    Animal Jam Spirit Men Out Long Ages Months Over Large Antelopes
    That's it! The new animals are Antelopes!
    Lol, I'm weird.

    1. LOL, what a professional theory you have there. :P

    2. Well, it's just a skill
      Though AJ will probably bring Antelopes along in the foreseeable future

  2. Those are some funny sayingXD I never realized it was called mola mola either

  3. AJS uhm Animal Jam Sea? XD Idk

    Wow those are bigg

    Smelly noodle girl? Thats very strange XD!

    1. ''Smelly noodle girl'' receives the best insult of the year award.

  4. "Mola" is a form of art. It's textile based art, not sure if this is what AJHQ meant. :P -akmlynx

  5. Animal Jam Serenade 3rd thing that came to mind idk.


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