Monday, April 10, 2017

Animal Jam Club Geoz Toy Review

Hi there! Today I am going to be unboxing and reviewing the Animal Jam Club Geoz toy.

You can find this play set at any store that carries Animal Jam merchandise for about $30.00.

Let's begin!

This is what the box looks like from the front outside.

This is what the back of the box looks like from the outside.

After using some scissors and knives to cut open the box and remove the parts, this is what I ended up with.

I love the arctic wolf figure that comes with it, as well as the cool ice armor accessories!

This is the final product. You can attach and detach the dance floor to the DJ set, and you can press the button on the turntable to make some noise.

Overall, I really like this set! It also comes with a secret code that gives you the following...

Some den music, a dance floor, and two weeks of membership! Awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my review of this AJ toy. Expect one more review tomorrow on the Dress Up Closet!

Bye Jammers!


  1. *gasp* YOU GOT MEMBERSHIP! Even though you already had it..... NOW YOU GET MORE FEATURES... XDD JK
    I really want that set tbh O.o

    1. Hehe! If I could, I would give it to you, but... I can't. :P

  2. Neat! I already own both of the sets and I love them! I personally like the dress-up-closet best! :)

  3. Aj toys are SO pricey!
    I really want the penguin plush, but it's 12 quid - FAR too much to spend on a teddy.

    1. I agree; the AJ toys are definitely a little more on the expensive side.

  4. :O I didn't know you got membership from toys now, but the toys are too expensive, and I'm so far away -aimlessly tries to grab merchandise and fails- Oh well, maybe another time.........


  5. I got the same thing! Does the code also give me membership? 'Cause when I entered the code I only got gems... I'm gonna keep on trying the code until I get membership! I feel like I've been scammed...



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