Friday, April 14, 2017

New AJ Toy: Animal Jam Friendship Cottage Den

Hello everybody! :)

Today we are going to be discussing a new piece of AJ merchandise that will be released very soon. Huge thanks to Hawkfrost429 for informing me of this!

The new Animal Jam toy is along the den set line, and it's called the Friendship Cottage.

Animal Jam Friendship Cottage Den & Fairy Cutepeach Exclusive

Right now, you can order it off of Amazon for about 40 bucks plus shipping and handling. I'm sure it will be a lot cheaper once it hits the stores.

Speaking of stores, this set is exclusive to Walmart, so that means you probably won't be able to find it in foreign countries or simply other retail stores where AJ toys are sold.

Now that we've cleared those things up, let's talk about what's inside.

Clearly, the toy comes with a Friendship Cottage den, similar to the virtual one. It also comes with a cool raccoon figurine, which is almost identical to the orange and purple raccoon that was released by itself in Series 1, but nonetheless, it's still pretty neat. The adorable bunny and heart furniture is great, too.

I wonder what the code gives you... hmm...

Leave your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for reading, bye bye!


  1. The shopking is a youtuber that dedicates his life to Animal Jam promos, if you want to know what the code gives you then go watch him. Also the code gives you this heart furniture set.

    1. Cool! I've watched a few of his videos before, so I'll have to go and check him out again.

  2. It's actually already in stores! :) Or at least where I live, I ready own the set and it's pretty cute! The code gives you a heart lamp, Heart ottoman and a heart couch! The couch is pretty big :P


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