Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Well Do You Know Animal Jam Quiz

Hi guys! :) How are y'all doing on this fine spring day?

Today I'm going to be taking the ''How Well Do You Know Animal Jam'' quiz that I believe Julian2 created on the popular community app AJ Amino.

If you'd like to take this quiz too, click here.

Let's begin!

On the first question, I was asked to click on an item that used to be rare. I'm not very intellectual when it comes to old items, but based on my knowledge I clicked on ''elf bracelets'', and I got it WRONG! Grr...

The correct answer was a snowman, which as I understand was once also decently rare, but elf bracelets!? C'mon, those babies were HUGE rares back in 2011.

This was my next question...

Ayy, I got this one right at least! :P

Hehe. Anyways, those were just a few questions that I got on the quiz. I wouldn't want to spoil the rest of it for you guys, so I suggest going ahead and clicking on that link above to test yourselves!

Good luck! ;)


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