Thursday, April 13, 2017

Animal Jam Springtime Tag

Hi guys! The update will be arriving later today, so why not take the extra time to make a tag? :D

So, as you can already tell by the title, I created an extremely short but sweet springtime tag for anyone who plays Animal Jam to answer! Here it is...

These are my answers:

1. I love the decorations in Jamaa Township. The pastels, ribbons, and flowers are oh so gorgeous!
2. I really like that mint green worn blanket that was for sale a few weeks ago in the Diamond Shop to commemorate the arrival of spring.
3. Yes! While it's a bit more difficult for me than the other seasonal adventures, I love the concept and the prizes are great as well.

I happily tag the following Jammers:


Don't feel bad if you didn't get tagged, because that doesn't mean you can't still do the tag. ^.^

Have fun!


  1. 1. Yes! in fact, I love ALL spring decorations in Jamaa! Kudos AJHQ to making such a beautiful landscape!
    2. Probably those chick hats, with the little chickens that go up and down XD
    3. No. I usually don't play any of the spring adventures. Pesky clovers and eggs 0.0

  2. YAY I got tagged by someone for the 1st time XD

  3. Oh sweet! I shall do that tag shortly. ;)

    Thanks for tagging me, Naffy!!

  4. 1. I like the landscaping and the decorations.
    2.the egg helmets. They're derpy., i usually just give up in about 5 minutes in all adventures.

  5. I like "spring" in Jamaa, even though I'm in New Zealand and therefore have different seasons than they do.


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