Thursday, April 20, 2017

Long Shot Tips

Hi Jammers! Hehe, yep, it's yet another mini game tips and tricks post, and this time around, it's about Long Shot.

Long Shot is a fairly simple game where you simply click your mouse to release an armadillo from a catapult and try to see how far the armadillo goes. Because of its simplicity, there's really not very much to elaborate on here, but I'm going to try my best. :P

Long Shot is a game all about timing. If you click to release the armadillo at the wrong time, it will either fall backwards or won't have very much power to keep it moving. The best time to click is when it's spinning the fastest and at the highest point, showed in the diagram below:

I hope this helps you guys as you play Long Shot. :) Thanks for reading, goodbye!

Image result for nafaria9 animal jam


  1. This game has animal cruelty written all over it

  2. I'm pretty sure that flinging armadillos thousands of miles away with a catapult, shouldn't be legal

  3. Ah, I see your point. Poor armadillos.


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