Saturday, April 15, 2017

Secret Pig Topiary Item

Hi Jammers! Happy weekend! :) In AJHQ's custom-designed Spring Cottage den, there's a secret item that you can click on to reveal a shop where you can purchase the item you clicked on. First, go to the Epic Dens list, and at the top of the list, click the big blue button that says ''Spring Cottage''. Then, once you're in the den, hop on over to the far right side of the den where a bunch of topiaries are sitting near a mini golf area. Click on the pig, and voila! You can now buy the pig topiary for 400 gems, and it's even for all Jammers! :D


  1. Cool, I didn't know that it can be found there. Thanks Naffy!

  2. Awww that pig tree is cute!!! I need to remember to buy it.

  3. Looking through the old posts, I see a lot about scamming. This reminds me that I have never gotten scammed - except for, like, a month ago - because I was way to nooby. For example:

    Scammer: send me rares, I will gift better back!

    Me: sure!

    Scammer: ok, just send 'em over!

    Me: how do I send items?...

    Scammer: URRGGGHHHH go away!

    Also, I never used to trade, all I would do was: role play, chat to friends, play underwater best dressed (yes, that is a thing).


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