Friday, March 31, 2017

My Thoughts on the Return of River Race


Hey Jammers! ^.^ Welcome to the AJW!

As most of you know, Animal Jam updated several days ago. In my opinion, I quite enjoyed the update. It gave us a good amount of new features, such as the Liza's Garden den and the Fast Foodies mini game, as well as a decent number of returning features. But the thing that really got a bunch of Jammers upset was the sudden return of the River Race game den item.

Yup, that's right. You can now purchase the River Race arcade game for two diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

So, why is everyone frustrated over this? Well, when the River Race game item was taken out of stores (along with the main route of access to the game), it became pretty rare. People traded crazy amounts of rares for this item. Now that it's back, the rarity of the item has decreased tremendously.

Allow me to share with you my thoughts on this situation.

Honestly, I could care less about the rarity of the actual item. I'm not a very big trader and never have been or will be, and I get why a lot of Jammers are disappointed, but if you think about it, the return of River Race might actually be a good thing. Although the game itself never technically ''left'', now a bunch more people will be able to play River Race and enjoy it without having to go to someone else's den who owns the item to play it.

I have to admit though, I'm still a bit confused as to why they didn't just add River Race back to the game selection panel and/or the dock in Jamaa Township where it used to be.

Anyways, that's just what I think. What are your opinions on the return of River Race? :)

See ya later!


  1. I'm pretty excited about this! I've never played River Race and this is a huge opportunity for me to play it. c:

  2. I think its cool tbh, XD Even though the game isn't that fun, its kinda fun to do with buddied ;)

    1. Yep! It's fun to race against your friends, especially if you're competitive like me. XD

  3. I'm personally really happy river race is back, Mostly so everyone can play it, And not just the few people who have it. :p

  4. River Race was worth alot when it was taking out of the game. But now, it's better much worth nothing now. :C

  5. But-bye jamaa, hello Scamsville!
    I personally found out about this through this post, as me and many others don't often check the diamond shop.

    Since the 1000 buddy space thing, Bepper is literally doing a buddy spot giveaway!

  6. River Race is literally one of my favourite games. I've been playing it all along with my friends back then. So I was really glad it came back, but then... of course, like most returning AJ items now, I wonder how the trading community is. I used to be an avid trader, so the return of this game as a machine isn't really my favourite option- being members and all as well- but... I hope AJHQ can find a solution around it.

    Also, congrats on 850k views! Which countries has the MST timezone? It's quite hard finding a MST converter I always get GST and EST when I search it up.

    Also, love the background. Cacti- how cute!

  7. Im not that ineretested in the rarity of items, so I'm glad they brought it back so others can play it. :P -akmlynx

  8. Sorry if you disagree, but this game coming back makes me super mad. It's like the rose bush. And the basketball. And the magenta spike. And any other glitches, beta, or rare items they brought back. Aj is tweaking the trading system day by day. One say, masterpieces will be rare and in height demand, and the next nobody cares about them. TBH, the rarity of an item doesn't matter to people, it only matters if WISTERAMOIN, APARRI, JULIAN2, BEPPER and any other famous jammers say so. Sometimes I wish you weren't aloud to video aj.

  9. About my other comment, you guys, it wasn't meant to be offenceful to anybody, in fact, I'm not against aj recording. Famous people just get on my nerves because jammers rely on them to tell them about the "true value" of an item


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