Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wolffeycat's AJ Tag

Hey guys! Remember that recent small era where I used to post tags like, basically every single day? :P Welp, wolffeycat (AnimalJammer330) created a tag of her own, and a lot of my fellow AJ bloggers are doing it, so I decided, hey, why not do it myself?

Feel free to answer the questions to the tag below in the comments/on your own blog as well. Here we go!

1. What's the meaning behind your Animal Jam username?

When I was younger, I was obsessed with Webkinz (and I still am to an extent). My favorite character was this evil purple fairy named Nafaria, so I named my username after her. The ''9'' in my username also comes from the age I was when I created my account. ^.^

2. How did you find Animal Jam?

I discovered it through a friend I had back in third grade.

3. When did you start playing Animal Jam?

Sometime during late August 2011, I believe.

4. What was your first rare?

My purple glove! It was a gift from a very kind and generous Jammer who helped me out as I was beginning my Animal Jam journey.

5. What's your favorite den and clothing item?

Gloves are definitely my favorite clothing item because they bring back so many memories. My favorite den items are plushies.

6. What is one thing you wish you could change about Animal Jam?

The amount of drama in the community... sigh.

7. What's your favorite memory on Animal Jam?

I have way too many good memories to choose one, but overall I think creating this blog is my favorite.

8. Who are your best buddies on Animal Jam?

I love all of my buddies: viewers, blogger pals, etc. I also am especially grateful for mz5963 and fernlight2. ;)

9. Is there anyone you hate on Animal Jam?

Nope! I try my best not to hate or hold grudges on people if they do something wrong.

10. Have you ever been scammed, and if so, what did they scam?

Yes, many times! I don't exactly remember what items I was scammed on since I'm much wiser nowadays.

11. Do you have any plaques, and which kind?

Yes! I have all of the original golden plaques except for the contest plaque, AJHQ plaque, only one community plaque, the Positive Player plaque.

12. What's your favorite Animal Jam emoji?

I like the winky face, the ice cream, the ''scuffle'', the smiley face, and so many more!

13. What's your rarest item?

Hmm... perhaps my glitched ring. I used to own a beta arctic hood, a beta blanket, a headdress, and a lot more rares back when those items weren't as rare as they are today.

14. What's your Animal Jam pet peeve?

Oh my goodness, I have so many AJ pet peeves it's hard to keep track of them! Click here to read a short list.

15. How many gems & diamonds do you have?

I have 383,640 gems and 108 diamonds.

16. Who's your favorite Animal Jam YouTuber?

To be honest, I don't watch that many AJ-tubers, but I really like Julian2 for his informative and organized videos.

17. What's the best gift you ever received on Animal Jam?

Uhh... the gift of friendship from all of you guys. <3

18. Who do you wish was your buddy?

I don't know! I haven't really thought about it that much.

19. Why do you play Animal Jam?

I play it so that I can blog about it, chat with buddies, and just because it's a fun game!

20. When do you think you will stop playing Animal Jam?

Maybe when I get older and have more priorities like college and what not.


  1. 1. I really like cats and things to do with sugar, the number 2 doesn't really mean anything XD

    2. A friend told me about it.

    3. Maybe around 2015?

    4. Don't remember, maybe mech angel wings?

    5. Don't really have a favourite....

    6. Maybe they should treat non members a bit better? Nothing super exciting has changed for non members for a while......

    7. Maybe when friends came to play with me, I rarely find them on these days.

    8. Forgot the username, but she was really awesome :D

    9. No, but it's a bit annoying with all the drama, especially with the famous people.

    10. Once. He/She took 2 of my rares......

    11. Just the safety online quiz....

    12. The food emojis.....

    13. I don't really care what my rares are worth, but my most prized one is most likely a bow and arrow.

    14. There is a bunch that I can't describe them all here.

    15. Don't keep count, but I hav at least 50 Diamonds last time I remember....

    16. Don't really watch any. Too much drama with most of them.

    17. Nothing really......

    18. Somebody.....

    19. Don't know to be honest.

    20. Sadly I already have....... but I still like this blog :D


  2. I wrote answers to this on the AJ Jumble so imma paste it here :P

    1.Megan was my favourite buildabear at the time, and my buildabearville name was *realnane*furryfun37. But that's boring soo
    One day I was thinking of starting a youtube channel (that after three years, I'm still not allowed) and I was like
    And then I added a K because when I made my Minecraft account AJcraft was already taken. Also because webkinz. So I am now AJKraft. Yay.
    Its really funny because on Aj everyone calls me Megan yet Megan isn't my name X3
    2. There was an ad in a national geographic kids magazine
    3. November 2012
    4. The rare shark fin
    5. Hmm.. I don't own it since its unreleased, but definitely the armoury. My favourite den items I own are my dandelion patches. Also that bread basket from that party... Yeah... And nature archways. I have lots of favourites!
    As for clothing, party hats, steampunk goggles, elf helmets and Spartan armour.
    6. Adding ocelots and chickens.
    7. Idk. Probably Naffy's 2016 Christmas party. I was literally cracking up and my parents were wondering why I as laughing
    8. Everyone except my storages
    10. Gr0ss Lillyann2004 scammed me of basically every rare item I owned in early 2015(?). Spiked wrists etc.
    11. Three artist plaques.
    12. The peace sign. MEDITATE.
    13. My silver party or white beta tail
    14. When people ask for me to put my party hat/beta tail/spike/banana on trade
    15. Very few gems and very few diamonds.
    16. Wisteriamoon, Julian2, Piegirlsy, Magnetplaysaj.. I have lots of favourites.
    17. Some random jammer sent me a yellow long and I freaked out
    18. King bean
    19. Because I literally have nothing better to do with my life
    20. not until I get my three dream items (armoury, magenta furry(or magnetic fury) and alpha sword)


  3. 1. My user is Germangenius03 - I'm sort of fluent in German. I was born in 2003.
    2. In 7th grade, my friend showed it to me.
    3. Near the end of 2014.
    4. A bad RIM, I think.
    5. My favorite clothing item is the blue and purple promo faerie wings, and my favorite den item is the stack of books.
    6. Same as you; the drama.
    7. Adopting my first child! <3
    8. Shimmercolors and wolfy76316. I met Shimmercolors on Discord, and wolfy76316 was actually my first kid.
    9. I really hate Skorm and Zarfy; both of them are not very good people and they do bad things.
    10. Yeah, but only once. I gifted someone my brown armchair because they said they'd give me something back. I knew they'd probably scam, but I just did it to get proof.
    11. Yep! I have a couple golden artist plaques, two online safety plaques, and 3 howl plaques. I also have a POSITIVE PLAYER PLAQUE that AJHQ gave me for some reason???!?!?!
    12. The rainbow peace sign!
    13. Probably either my Bubbletron 5000 or my purple long collar.
    14. When nonmembers say that they should have everything that members have. I also hate when I'm low on gems (which I always am).
    15. Like 26 gems and 5 diamonds.
    16. WisteriaMOOON!!!!!
    17. Some fan art that wolfy76316 made for me.
    18. WisteriaMOOON again!!
    19. I play it because I love shopping, playing with buddies, trading, and adopting!
    20. Probably when I'm like 19. IF I EVER STOP!

  4. Also, Nafaria, I reviewed your blog! The link to the post is here:

  5. 1. No idea, I just came up with it. Now I realize it sounds like what a six year old would come up with lol.
    2. My friend back in like... second or third grade? She was my bff but moved to Texas recently. (I live in CA)
    3. February 2015! Yee I recently passed my two years on AJ!
    4. I HAVE NO IDEA. (But for some reason I remember my first MEMBER item, it was Charm Bracelet, given to me by the buddy I mentioned earlier.
    5. Den item? The bird masterpiece my irl friend, Sweetviolet75, made and copied for me. (It's awesome, soooo realistic! In my den if you wanna see! Both copies of it, actually.)
    6. Aparri hate. I don't wanna rant but, guys can you think of other people's feelings? A post I saw on Google+ had a comment that said, "APARRI FANS R BRAINLESS AND BLIND! THEY SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF AJ!!! THEY ARE SO STUPID!" or something like that. It actually made me cry irl :( and there are a whole lot of communities that are labeled "EXTREME APARRI HATERS" and "APARRI HATE CLUB"
    7. HmM... iDk (Probably getting orange long for my peacock feathers, my first long collar, or green short wrist when I was Non-Member @ a fashion show. It got scammed the next day cuz I was stupid)
    8. Sweetviolet75, she was my friend irl since kindergarten, and bunnysaresocute39, that friend who introduced me to AJ.
    9. All jammers who have scammed me, and everyone who has gotten salty at ME for THEMSELVES not following directions on my jammer wall during RPs or when I host apartments at my den. (I write specific payments for the rooms and they have to write their name, and they have to be approved. But everyone just gifts me all the payment for everything.)
    10. Yeah, I have. First time, they took green short wrist. Second time, I lost like all my RIMS and a den beta and a designer skirt.
    11. I used to have Internet Safety plaque, but now only have 2 Howl plaques. (Used to have 3)
    12. Uhh... Member laughing and Member sunglasses.
    13. PINK LONG (Yeah I'm not that rare [to like everyone on Google+])
    14. When members claim they're better than Non-Members, when someone troll trades you, when the kinds of people mentioned in #9 do what they do, when people hate Aparri, when people bully, uhh... WHEN AJ GLITCHES! (ok that's all I got)
    15. 304 gems and 23 diamonds. (I used to have like 65 diamonds and 100,000 gems when I was Non-Member)
    16. APARRI. DON'T JUDGE PLEASE. HE MAKES ME LAUGH. (And got me through my grief after my grandfather died.)
    17. Uhh... NO IDEA.
    18. Aparri, Wisteria, Julian2, Libertyy, Lilacpetal, and bascially any famous jammer.
    19. Meh, IDK. Mainly to virtually meet up with Sweetviolet75, because she lives 2 hours away from me. And to get rares. Yeah, that's it. Oh, and to RP, make other people happy by giving away free rares by hosting fashion shows, and that's ACTUALLY it.
    20. Maybe when I get into middle school. (I'm actually in the fifth grade lol)

    1. Hey, who would judge for liking Aparri videos? You are free to like anyone you wish! :D I, for one, enjoy Aparri videos as well! ^.^

  6. I'm planning on doing this tag XD
    And my meaning behind my username is my sister (Ja983) always always always called my sarahkey. And it was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllyyyyy annoying
    REALLY SHE CALLED ME IT ALL THE TIME. Then I got use to it, and now I use it for like all my usernames on games O.O And I think the 8 was random lol

  7. 1. Akm is my initials & I just like lynxes.
    2. Through a friend in the fifth grade
    3. Sometime during 2014
    4. Rare Mech Angel Helmet
    5. Hmm my favorite den items us the archways & I don't have a favorite clothing item.
    6. Definantly the drama (agreed Naffy)
    7. My first day on AJ. It do amazing for me to see a game like this, but that was before I learned about scammers, hackers, etc
    8. Probably Aponga, she's a good friend from school.
    9. Nope ;D
    10. Yep, I had just started animal l jam and I was scanned a rare spike and mech angel helmet.
    11. The Howl Plaque
    12. Smiley face emoji
    13. My green short
    14. When your doing something and someone tries to trade you :P
    15. 4 diamonds and I think 3,000 gems
    16. Julian2 because I like his crazy theories.
    17. All the amazing people I've been fortunate to meet
    18. Wisteriamoon
    19. It's fun
    20. When I'm older

    1. *correction I was scammed a rare spiked hair :P -akmlynx


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