Friday, March 24, 2017

Lucky Day Fashion Show Voting Day #11: ONE ELIMINATION

Welcome back for the FINAL THREE ROUNDS of the Lucky Day fashion show! Today is round #1 of the final three rounds, and round #11 overall. The three lucky contestants remaining will all receive prizes, but what place they will get in the competition can only be decided by your votes. Good luck to Mythical, Blossom, and Honored!


  1. I vote out honoredsillypotatoe

  2. I vote out Mythical, so sorry! (SQUEEEE I GOT INTO TOP 3 FOR THE FIRST TIME YESSSSS)

  3. Hmm..... I vote out Blossom Arcticspirit. Sorry! D:


  4. I vote out Blossom Arcticspirit.

  5. Ahhh i think blossom should go


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