Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lucky Day Fashion Show Contest Results

Hey Jammers! As you may know, yesterday was the final round of the Lucky Day fashion show, which means it's time to announce the winners!

Coming in second place is Mythical Daisypaw! Congratulations, Mythical! Your costume was astonishing, and, based on how far you got into the competition, the audience seemed to think so as well! Mythical, please comment your username or send me a JAG on AJ so I can award you your prizes. ^.^

And the winner of the Lucky Day fashion show is Honored Sillypotato! Congratulations! Honored, Mythical, please comment your username or send me a JAG on AJ so I can award you your prizes! :)

Once again, HUGE THANKS to everyone who participated and made this contest fun! You are all amazing!



  1. -applauds- Congrats to all!!!


  2. "hooray" for penguins!!

  3. Squee! I won second place! Thank you so much for the votes everyone! I also want to congratulate Honored Sillypotato for receiving first place. I loved your look!
    ^.^ Mythical Daisypaw (aka unicornmagic4ever)

  4. I wanted honoured to win since the competition started! I feel special!


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