Sunday, March 26, 2017

Salamander Gills: The Latest Hoax Rare

Hi Jammers! Today we are going to be talking about salamander gills. No, not the actual gills you see on axolotls - the gills that serve as an underwater clothing item in AJ.

Now, like most underwater items, for a while, people didn't even know these existed, and, if you're one of these people, here's what the salamander gills look like.

For some odd reason, out of the blue this item became incredibly valuable and sought after. A lot of rare-collecting Jammers were offering beta den items, spikes, and lots more for these salamander gills. But how come one moment these are super insignificant to the trading world, and suddenly very popular the next?

These are what I like to call ''hoax rares''. They're certain items that only become ''rare'' because of a variety of wishy-washy reasons. For example, take ibex horns. A few years back, a dude named Nemachu made a joke video of one of his storage accounts trading a glitched ring for a pair of ibex horns. Once people saw the video, everyone went CRAZY for ibex horns because, according to the video, they were extremely rare. As it turns out, Clark Stacey, the CEO of WildWorks, confirmed that the ibex horns are seasonal items and would be returning the following year for the Night of the Phantoms celebration in October, and sure enough, they did. 

In conclusion, ibex horns were never really rare in the first place, and that's why they're called a hoax rare. Hoax rares often destroy the trading economy and mess up the rarities of other items, and that's not good.

Back onto the topic of salamander gills. Recently, salamander gills were re-released into Bahari Bargains, and this caused a lot of people who traded tons of rare items for them to be upset.

So, the moral of this story? Don't get involved with hoax rares, and don't believe everything you hear.

Thanks for reading, bye!

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  1. Wow. If only people would look them up on the AJ wiki before they traded rares from them.

  2. Salamander gills were extremely uncommon before the re-release earlier this week. They had been uncommon but unknown about for months before, it was only when pvris started collecting them recently that they became more well known. due to the rarity of these gills, people traded alot for them, not knowing they would return.

  3. The thing is, there's no way of telling when items return. I spent a long time getting the full set of steampunk goggles, even though for all I know they could return to stores tomorrow.


  4. thats true


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