Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Animal Jam Rhino Light Up Ring Toy

Hi Jammers! You've all heard of the Animal Jam Light Up Friends toys, right? Well, Jazwares recently announced that a new addition to this line of toys will be hitting stores soon! Say hello to the rhino! :D

This pink critter is covered with hot pink and bright green colors, as well as a lovely leaf pattern. It also comes with two interchangable accessories: a little rose to fit on its ear and a pair of glittery orange wings. Of course you can't have a Light Up Friend without the exclusive ring that reveals secret designs on the rhino when you shine the light on it!

I think this new toy is super cute. What about you? :)


  1. :o That is almost at cute as a budgie.....I MUST HAVE IT!!! 8O

  2. Its not a critter! Its a mammal! >_<


    1. Actually, critter means any living animal, so technically this rhino is a critter lol


  3. Wait a second
    Is that a blue headflower....

    No... It cant be...


    I'm getting this because rhinos are rather cool, and this is adorable

    I wish they'd make a aj toy without wings though... Like, what about a bow and arrows or something :P


  4. Awh, its cute XD Do you know what promo ring you get from it?


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