Monday, March 20, 2017

WEIRD NEW PROMO ITEM: Masterpiece Token?

Hi people! Nafaria here! Today I'm bringing some big news into the house, so sit down and listen up!

Recently, a new, mysterious item has popped up in Jamaa, and it's all the latest craze. It's called a masterpiece token, and it's owned by a Jammer named Yikezz (unless the item was traded away to someone else by the time this post is published).

As you can see, it looks very similar to the horse coin, which was a very weird but cool unreleased item that was popular in 2014 before AJHQ removed it entirely from the game. It even spins around like the horse coin did when placed in a den. However, instead of a picture of a horse on the coin, there is a graphic of what appears to be a masterpiece.

The strange thing about it is that it's a promo item, which means you can only get it by redeeming a code of some sort or trading.

What do you guys have to say about this masterpiece token? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Bye Jammers!

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  1. I believe it was hacked out the game, but you were right about the colour changing penguin and wolf!

    1. it was not hacked i got one and got a orange long for it i got the code and it was just fine

  2. Shopking made a video about this item and it looks the horse coin and all of the other animal coins.

  3. :O I Think I know where it comes from! its from the new AJ stationery! since they do come with codes so I bet that's how you get it! :D

  4. Just wondering, how often do you check your jam a grams?

  5. I found a source and discovered that the masterpiece token was given to some lucky jammer who had 5 of their masterpieces in the masterpiece party at the same time. So expect them to pop up in Artemis's inventory!

    Though it does, strangely, look like a remodelled horse coin.

  6. What are these worth? Somebody asked for a black long collar. Another for a light pink headdress? Thoughts? Thanks! I'm oceanblue1414. Jag me your thoughts, but tell me it's from whip so I know you're not a random person. XD

    1. I'm not so sure since it's a promo item. Sorry!


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