Saturday, March 25, 2017

First Look at the AJ Spring Box

Hey Jammers! I'm sure you all remember the first ever AJ box that made its debut last winter. If you'd like to see my review of it, click here.

Well, a few days ago AJHQ posted a picture of the next AJ box that will be arriving in the mail for those who have already ordered it very soon on the Daily Explorer.

The box has an yellow-orange owl face on it. The previous box had an arctic wolf face on the front. Pretty cute, right? I can't wait to see what's inside of that box! Once mine arrives at my house, I will do another review/unboxing post for sure!

Thanks for reading! What do YOU think is inside the spring AJ box?


  1. I might get this if it has something I'll use in it. The winter box didn't really appeal to me because I'd never wear any of the things in it


    1. Yeah, true. Most of the stuff in the box went towards my sister. :P

  2. Probably an owl teddy.
    That's all I can think of.
    Ooh! An owl sun hat maybe?!

    1. Thanks! At the time I'm posting this comment, you get - on average - 169.684538153 page views per post. That's brilliant compared to my 12.4523!
      I totally didn't use a calculator.

    2. Maybe the promo is owl wings or something!?

  3. I'm excited to see what's in the box this time!

  4. I wanna get it, but my bday is in November, and my parents would never let me XDX


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