Sunday, March 5, 2017


The Animal Jam Whip has just ticked the 825,000 views mark! Hooray! :D It seems like just yesterday we hit 800,000 views, and look at us now... Thank you all SO much!

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to enter a LUCKY DAY FASHION SHOW! Fashion shows are one of my favorite contests that are held here on this blog, and what better time to do a fashion show than now, with spring right around the corner? ^-^

Additionally, I will be hosting a party! Here is the invitation:

I hope this date and time works for the most of you! If something comes up, or if enough people can't come, then the party will most likely get rescheduled.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful support! I love my Whippers!


  1. I'll try to make it to the party! Congrats on the big accomplishment! :D

  2. I may or may not be able to make it

    1. That's alright! If you can't, I understand. If you can, then great! ^.^

  3. Congrats! :gasp: 825K views.:P The AJ Whip deserves it! Also just a reminder my birthday party (at my den) is also the 3/11. I'm changing the time, it is now 3:30pm UTC. Hope I can see some of you all there. ^.^

    1. Thank you! Also, happy early birthday, if it hasn't occurred already.

  4. YAY
    I can come because its in my timezone, unless I have to go somewhere


  5. ^^
    As in "its in my timezone", I mean it's not in the middle of the night for me or something XD

  6. Congrats!! Sadly, as usual, I can't come D:
    But I hope that the party will be awesome!
    You deserved it!


  7. Naffy-Read my post "💔" and share it on your blog.

    I'll miss you. :')
    (If I do quit)

  8. Cant wait for the party,Nafaria!

  9. Ugh! Its at midnight for me! I wont be able to make it, as usual...


  10. Congratulations!
    Also, what time would that be in Salt Lake City? I use SLC for my time conversions haha.

    1. It would be the same time as on the invitation. ^.^


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