Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hey guys! Naffy here. Today I was approving some comments that were waiting for me in the queue when I accidentally ''removed content'' from a bunch of comments that were published from the last several days. If you see that your comment was deleted by any means, just know that you did nothing wrong and this was all my fault. Whoopsies! I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

*ALSO: if you voted for round six of the Lucky Day fashion show, please re-send/re-comment your votes in order for them to be counted. Once again, sorry guys! Due to this issue, the results of round six won't be posted until tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!*


  1. This is practically the only famous active animal jam blog anymore.
    I mean there is spirit blog but they post every 2 weeks.
    It's just your blog and the small time ones with not many page views, like mine.

  2. I vote out wretched fierymeadow and prancing kookyllama

  3. My dream item is a headdress. I was looking through my history and discovered that rare headdresses caramel out EXACTLY six months before I joined. If only I had been six months earlier,

  4. Your wish has been delivered by the WISH FAIRY! It was really hard to give up such a rare item, but I hope you enjoy. My purpose here is to spread "Joy to the World, one jammer at a time." -Wish Fairy

    1. Ok, that was my other account...

    2. Oh great magical and mysterious Wish Fairy, could you spare a wish? If possible could you grant my wish of the top hat in the link below, but if you cannot a regular blue top hat would also be a wish come true. :Throws glitter at everyone:


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