Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lucky Day Fashion Show Voting Day #9: DOUBLE ELIMINATION

Hey Jammers! Today is round nine of the Lucky Day fashion show! We're nearly to the final three contestants... Wow, this competition is flying by, isn't it?

Vote out two people again today, just like yesterday. Good luck everyone!


  1. I vote out King Cottonpaw and Artistic Artisticartist.

  2. I vote out Artistic Artistic artist and blossom arctic spirit

  3. Master futuregem and artistic artisticartist

    1. Stop cheating 'hi' you can only vote once

    2. I normally don't like being melodramatic, but there is one thing I CANNOT tolerate: my best friends (and ME!) being accused of cheating. Also, some things I want to say:
      Number 1: Don't falsely accuse people of doing things they didn't do.
      Number 2: There is such thing as hanging out with friends after school and looking at a CERTAIN fashion show and voting for it together, on a CERTAIN favorite blog.
      Number 3: It is a fact that some people would rather keep their personal info PERSONAL by not using their Google Plus/Blogger account.
      Number 4: Not everybody in this world is unscrupulous and dishonest.
      Number 5: Do have good sportsmanship. That will take you far in life.
      Number 6: Okay! That's all!

      sorry for the anger and fancy words just wanted to let ya know now im not gonna use grammar cuz the lecture's over :T

  4. I vote out Artistic artisticartist and honored silly potatoe

  5. Blossom arcticspirit
    King cottonpaw

  6. Naffy, read your first ever post. It was just >.<

  7. I vote out Artistic Artisticartist and Blossom Arcticspirit, sorry. -akmlynx

  8. Darn! I'm out! D:

    I vote out King Cottonpaw and Blossom Arcticspirit.

  9. Master future gem, Mythical Daisypaw

  10. I vote out Artistic Artisticartist and Blossom Arcticspirit

  11. This is going to be even harder....... Um, I choose Master Futuregem and King Cottonpaw.

    So sorry D:


  12. I vote out
    Master Future Gem
    Artistic Artistic Artist

  13. i vote out
    king cottenpaw and artistic artisticartist

  14. I vote out Artistic and Master even though I'm gonna be out (I KNOW I WILL, I'M BLOSSOM ARCTICSPIRIT) so sorry.

  15. I vote out Master FutureGem and Blossom ArcticSpirit


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