Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where to Redeem the Masterpiece Token

Hey Jammers!

Several days ago, I made a post on an epic new promo item called the masterpiece token. As confirmed by AJHQ, this item is not unreleased, and can actually be redeemed by entering a code that comes with a certain piece of AJ merchandise.

That merchandise is a large art sketchbook, and it looks like this:

Pretty neat in my opinion! This sketchbook is perfect for anyone who loves to draw and wants to learn how to doodle anything Animal Jam related.

I'm not sure if or where you can find this in stores, but I do know that you can purchase it on Amazon for about $15.00.

That's all for today. Keep on whipping!


  1. Lol, I kinda' feel sorry for the person who traded:
    A tan tiki
    A magenta furry
    A first glitched ring
    A magenta sheep cloak
    A beta arctic hood

    Altogether his trade was worth about (this is accurate) 900 black longs.

  2. You can also use it to make a free masterpiece, non members too o: Do you know if after you use it if you still have the item? Or it disappears? Idk

    1. I think the den item has the masterpiece on it!

  3. It looks really nice, but maybe not for my type of drawing style XD


  4. I saw this at Walmart for $10.00..... I feel bad for whoever traded so much for the token...

  5. :OOO This is perfect for meeee! XD

    Is it only sold at Walmart?

  6. I cant find it at Walmart, so I need to wait 2 days for amazon :T

  7. yes, look online for Walmart, its $17.99 sold by OO(OrangeOnions) a marketplace seller and the other AJ stationary is on there also.

  8. I freaked out when I saw this on someone's trade (fuzzybunny72319). They also had a stationary desk, do you get that from this piece of merchandise too?

  9. what is a mp token worth

  10. what is a mp token worth


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