Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jamaa Journal VOL. 195: Spring Festivities

Hi Jammers! Today is a surprisingly HUGE update day, so let's hop right into it!

On each day this coming weekend, two ''ridiculous'' rare items will be sold somewhere in Jamaa, making a grand total of eight items. Three of which will be completely new, and I'm assuming the rest will just be wacky variations of already-made items. Fun!

As suspected, the new den is here in the Diamond Shop for seven diamonds! It's called ''Liza's Garden''. Pick up this exotic den today!

Members now have access to 1,000 buddy slots! Hooray!

Cheetahs have returned, and... what is this? A new MINI GAME? Yay! It looks like a blast, so be sure to try it out as soon as you can!

The Spring Festival adventure is back, as well as the classic April Fools' party!

The Conservation Museum has a new exhibit for us to explore, and snow leopards are making their way home!

Finally, the spring bunny is back! For a limited time, if you redeem a membership card, you will be given a spring bunny as well as five springy items for your den. ^.^

There's a lot of other news I would like to cover, but the 850K views party is in about an hour, so I must get ready for that. Remember, it's at 4:00 PM MST! I suppose I'll discuss the other smaller bits of news later on within the next few days.

How would you guys rate this update? Personally, I really enjoyed it, so I would give it 9/10 stars!



  1. Page 1-ok I guess
    Page 2-this den is so beautiful, but it's hard to decorate
    Page 3-YAY
    Page 4,5,6,7,8 and 9-ok
    Page 10-Whoot, finally I can get a Spring bunny XD
    I better go searching for a gift card soon!

    I rate update 100/10 because Liza den is beautiful like oh my gosh


  2. They also came out with a couple of new den items for non members, and they're all 50 gems each!

  3. AWW DARN! I forgot to come to the party! and i thought it was the 5th! not the 30th! Oh well, Maybe next time i'll get the date right. :P

  4. Page 1: Um, okay? 0-o

    Page 2: So pretty! Yet so expensive and members I'm going to assume (I mean, look at the other diamond dens. Last time I remember, diamond dens were like 3 diamonds or something, and I've never heard of a non member diamond den, yet.....) It must be so hard to decorate it.........

    Page 3: Congrats to all the members!!! Luckily, I don't exactly need all this space (I'm a non member), it's a bit too much space for me......... 0-o

    Page 4+: Okay..........

    In all, I vote 7/10, I find it okay......


    P.S For all of you who feel like I'm being negative, in a way, yes. But remember, it's not just my opinion out there, there's many more. Being a non member with no hope of getting even a month membership isn't easy. Also, please don't think about getting me membership, I'm fine, really :)

  5. I love the new buddy slots! Even though I dont even have 100 buddies, NYMPH AND AJHQ BUDDIED ME TODAY :D Which is why I love the new buddy slots XD
    I didn't get the Liza Den cuz I have no diamonds, :/ and btw River Race is back in the diamond shop!

  6. I love this update! I've been playing Aj for about four years now, and this is one of the best updates for me! Lizas den is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, but as Kraft said, it is pretty hard to decorate. The dens all seem to have strange room designs, don't you think? I wander if Aj did that on purpose, so jammers would have more "fun" decorating. Overall, I rate this update 9 1/2 out of 10 because some of the pages were just fillers. How could you NOT like this update?

  7. You could RECYCLE Buddies, now you need to pay to get more! lol i love animal jam's logic


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