Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lucky Day Fashion Show Voting Day #2: ONE ELIMINATION

Hey guys! Today is round two of the Lucky Day fashion show! We are sad to see our first contestant to be eliminated go, but we loved your outfit!

Do the same thing as yesterday, everyone. Good luck!


  1. I vote out Daredevil Arcticflower, so sorry!

  2. Again, I vote out Daredevil ArcticFlower. Sorry D:

    also I'm having some kind of animal jam party on Saturday 18th at 4pm gmt do if you could come it'd be great :P


  3. Darn! I kept procrastinating and IM SO SORRY I couldn't enter :c

    But good luck to everyone, and I will vote out Young Kindrose :c

    Daredevil arcticflower should go!
    Please could you add TheAnimalJamDolphin.blogspot.co.uk to the blogs list?
    Oh, and remember, your the best jammer ever!

  5. I vote out Dardevil Arcticflower. Sorry! Nice look, but it's not very green. :(

  6. Going to have to vote out.. Daredevil ArcticFlower Sorry :P

  7. This is going to be very hard...... Everyone's outfit is amazing!! I vote out Daredevil Arcticflower. So sorry D:



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