Wednesday, July 12, 2017

''The Bridge''

Hey Jammers!

The other day while strolling through Jamaa, something caught my eye that I hadn't really noticed before.

No one was sitting on the bridge in Jamaa Township!

Yeah, no one was sitting there. So what, Naffy?

Well, I'll explain in a moment.

I went to a different server - one that was a bit more full - and checked to see if anyone was sitting on the bridge there.


I did this for a few more servers, and then I came to a conclusion that barely anybody sits on the bridge in Jamaa Township anymore.

If you've been playing Animal Jam for a long time, you might remember that people used to sit on the left bridge in Jamaa Township that leads to Appondale. It was like a big gathering spot for people who often thought they were better than everyone else in the crowd because they had a lot of rares. Sometimes they'd even exclude Jammers from sitting on the bridge with them if they weren't ''rare'' or ''cool'' enough, or if they didn't have membership.

Lame, right? It was like they had their own posse just for this one particular bridge. Of course, not everyone who sat (or sits) on the bridge is rude or unkind, but some are.

Oh, and does anyone else remember NorthernKing and northernqueen? These two lovebirds were famous for sitting on the small dock in Crystal Sands in Aldan, either chatting with people, trading, or just plain sitting there and showing off their rares. Whatever happened to those guys?

Wow. So many flashbacks. o.o

Anyways... have you seen anyone sitting on the bridge recently? If you ever do, I think it would be fun to do a little social experiment. Walk up to them without very many rares on your trade list or animal, perhaps on a new account or non-member storage, and try having a conversation with them. See what happens and how they treat you!

That's the whip!
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  1. Hmm... I do see people sitting on the bridge sometimes, but not constantly. Somehow I think this change has something to do with the new server system I mentioned in the last post. I don't know how, though XD

  2. I once saw one of them the first couple months I joined Animal Jam XD But I wasn't exactly 'in the community' then, pretty much just did adventures and played mini games, decorated my den, only traded a tiny bit I was the noob of noobs XD

    1. Hehe! :P Now look at how far you've come from your ''noob stage''. :P

  3. I remember them now so vividly, but I never noticed them leave.

    1. I know, right? I feels like yesterday when people were crowding around the bridge, and now barely anyone is on it.

  4. I honestly do not pay much attention to the bride.(The only time I go on the bridge is when I am hosting a store/trading party on my backup,because I can not do it on my main.)

    1. I suppose that's a good way of getting people's attention! ^-^

  5. I feel so nostalgic thinking about NorthernKing and northernqueen and other people sitting silently on bridges even though they did nothing for me and probably only made me feel more insecure about myself.

  6. I've never noticed that people don't sit on the bridge anymore. And I remember hearing about northerking/queen I just never knew what they were known for.

  7. I might try it on my storage account


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