Saturday, July 8, 2017

Secret Item in Sol Arcade Den

Hey Jammers! How is your weekend going so far?

Today I am going to be showing you guys a secret item found in AJHQ's custom-designed Sol Arcade den. You can access it through the Epic Dens menu.

Since the Sol Arcade den isn't very big, it was pretty easy to find it.

This time around, it's an antique lamp. By now, you can assume that this is the next piece of the secret antique item theme. Several weeks ago, the secret item was an antique couch, and after that, the secret item was an antique chair. 

Anyways, you can purchase the lamp for 650 gems, and it's members-only.

I tried looking for some unreleased items, but since the den is so small I could only find one...


I really hope this gets released soon. I mean, LOOK AT ALL OF THE FLUFF.

One more thing before I end today's post. The other day while strolling through Jamaa, I came across this outstanding masterpiece.

It looks almost IDENTICAL to the actual Animal Jam Play Wild logo! Good job, whoever you are (because I am too lazy to enlarge the screenshot to see who created it because of the dumb glitch)!

Thanks for reading, goodbye!

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  1. Theshopking, of course. I got his virtual autograph. Of course it is he, the art maestro. I knew it before I saw it.

    1. Now that I look at it, I think it says ''kingofshopkins''...

    2. Now i feel like Macbeth when he *did you know what but it is probably not an appropriate word* to Duncan.

  2. Wow that art is... WOW. AND THE SHEEP.... CANI HAS IT??

  3. Wow,I wish I was good at art. I love that sheep plushie.

  4. Has to be kingofshopkins. BOI :3


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