Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lots of Potentially Unreleased Items

Hey Jammers! Happy first day of July. I've got a really interesting post for you guys today, so listen up.

Recently, a certain Jammer who I will not name for privacy reasons used some sort of hack to obtain a large number of strange (and quite sketchy, if you ask me) unreleased items.

This is a magenta Jamaaliday bow. However, this is no ordinary Jamaaliday bow for three main reasons: it's completely magenta, which proves it's some kind of a glitched item, it's non-member, and the actual name of it is just ''bow''. Interesting.

These are called alpha healing staffs. I'm sure most of you have heard of them before, but these are a bit different because they've been recolored.

These are called basic healing staffs, and, like the alpha healing staffs, you've probably heard of them before. Again, they come in different colors.

Now this is definitely new. According to the Jammer-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, this is some kind of a chain item that goes on your animal's back.

These are the epic healing staffs, much like the other two we've already talked about. Once more, they come in a variety of different and unique colors.

This item confuses me a bit. The Jammer who obtained all of these items says that this particular item is called a gingerbread sword, but each of them are almost identical to the candy sword that is released in the Diamond Shop around the time of Jamaalidays.

The only thing that I noticed that is different about the gingerbread sword is the variety of colors it supposedly comes in. A bit peculiar, isn't it?

This next set of unreleased items are called Mira's Healing Staffs. I don't think these were in the original healing staff set, right?

Here's just a bunch of oddly colored headdresses.

Remember yesterday's post? Well, this Jammer was somehow able to bring back some of the original ancient spiked wristbands, and in some weird colors, too.

These items are simply called shields. I wonder if they'd be any use in Adventures?

Whoa. A magenta headdress? Never saw it coming. :P

And here we have a magenta halo.

That's not all of the unreleased items, however. A Jammer with a YouTube channel called Arctic Jamaa posted a video about a few more mysterious accessories. If you'd like to watch the video, click here.

That about wraps up all of the unreleased items. Do you guys believe that these are legitimately unreleased items, or are they photoshopped or edited? Note that I have seen several videos of the hacker wearing these items, so it might be a bit difficult to believe they're edited, but it's still possible. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Whatever the situation, stay safe, Jammers!

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  1. I really like the Mira's Healing Staffs. -akmlynx

  2. They're probably edits, as with half the community is. Shopking does cool edits all the time.


  3. 1. Coool XD
    2. I want an alpha healing staff XD
    3. Those look a little weird to me, its.. chunkier I guess you would say XD
    4. I understand why AJHQ hasn't released those, like, they are a cool item, but I could see problems with it..
    5. Those just look really weird XD
    6. *eats the swords* OOPS I JUST ATE REALLY RARE ITEMS
    7. Those are so cool :o
    8. Coool
    9. I saw a thumbnail that said "This item was deleted, did you get it?" then I was like "OH MY GOSH NO I DIDN"T GET IT" Then I was glad AJHQ got rid of them from the game, because then I couldn't feel like i failed XD
    11. Never saw it coming.. XDD (Is getting super tired of magenta items)
    12. Cool!

    (The video didn't work)
    Those items are pretty cool, personally I dont believe AJHQ would release those chains, they look cool but a LOT of ppl would use them wrong

    1. About the video - a few days into the process of typing this whole post up, the channel that the video was uploaded to was deleted, and the Jammer who owned these items was banned. Creepy.

    2. Weird, I'm started to think these items aren't unreleased, but made by some adult who is really good at hacking and coding.. *shrugs*

    3. If you are talking about the same jammer I am thinking of, I reported them to ajhq because it is against the animal jam rules.

  4. Nice Animal Jam blog. Hope someone as famous as Aparri, WisteriaMoon, Julian2, or Bepper include it in one of their videos!! ~0164649 AJ

    1. To be honest, I don't, I like the little chats we have in the comments section without a bunch of fan-girls messing it up, and popularity isn't everything

    2. One time aparri showed this blog on video.

    3. Cool, what video? Must stalk it. It was pretty cool when J2 used that picture of your diy glitched ring in his video

  5. I need that purple and blue headdress!

    1. It definitely would make some great outfits!

  6. I love the healing staffs, I really wish I had one of them

    1. I know... I want them to be released soooo bad!!

  7. The video summed up - a really poor quality video with a tiger lagging really bad wearing them.
    This adds to my editided suspicion
    Remember AJHQ said they wouldn't re-release the headdress, adds to my edited suspicion
    "It is against animal jam's terms of service, and COPPA, to edit items that don't belong to the holder of the account, and anyone caught, will be punished appropriately". Basically, they got banned for editing photos of items they didn't own. They then deleted their account just to make their images shady and real.

    Even if they were real, the person would've severely broken cyber laws by hacking into AJHQ's private files

  8. This is ridiculous!!! Why do people even do stuff like this, hacking just to get 'glitched' items???? If someone did 'hack' AJ, maybe they should put some sort of secret place to store items that are meant to be released in the future? Or is someone (Not you Naffy) messing with everyone's heads by making edits then claiming them to be real?!?!?!?

    -Calms down a bit- Sorry, just got ticked off again......... Great post though Naffy :)


    1. There is a site that AJHQ uses to store thief files, but it can generate different colours of items. So people hack into the site, generate some colours and presume they're real items.
      Julian2 was sent a link to this site, and made a video of him messing around with it, but he didn't realise that what he was doing was illegal, so he took the video down


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