Monday, July 3, 2017

NEW AJ TOY: Adopt-A-Pet Clip Plushies Series 1

Hey Jammers! The other day while I was at Target, I came across an Animal Jam set of merchandise that I had never seen before!

They're called Adopt-A-Pet Clip Plushies (Series 1). Basically, they're miniature, super soft, cute little plushie keychains that you can clip to your backpack or whatever. The picture above shows what the front of the packaging looks like...

... and this picture shows the back of it. There are six different plushies to collect: a duck, a panda, a kitten, a bunny, a piglet, and a super secret mystery pet.

This is the box that I found them in while I was at Target. :P I bought one pack for $4.99, and my sister bought two for $9.99.

My sister got a pig...

... as well as a panda. I got a ducky, but I didn't take a picture of it. :P

A code came with each toy, by the way, but the promo gift wasn't that great - just one diamond. I was honestly hoping for a virtual plushie for my den, but oh well. :/

Thanks for reading. See ya!


  1. The Plushies.Are.So.CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!! Gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Sees the part where you only get one diamond- Now that's disappointing, paying for like $5 USD (Which would be around double the amount for me, if they did sell them, which they don't). You could earn a virtual diamond anywhere! Oh well, at least the plushies are cute :D


  2. I actually saw those on Clark Stacey's Instagram a while back saying coming soon. And animal jam expert posted about it just the other day! I have been dying to get one!!! But I don't know the next time I'll be at toys r us.

  3. *sees post* *runs into target*

    1. Lol! I found mine at the front of the store near the cash registers, just in case you're wondering.

  4. *looks on amazon to see if they have shipping on them* no products
    *looks on aj outfitters* nothing
    *ebay* no search results
    "GOOGLE" 2 blog reviews
    How many centimetres and/or inches would you say this measures?
    I really want that pig, and I'm thoroughly debating whether I should spend my £15 amazon gift voucher on some. Would you say they're worth $4.99? (Not including code). If I were to spend it, I'd buy 3, and £3.86 sounds less that $5. Uh, and do you think they'd be worth the trouble of me embarringly asking my dad for some using his amazon account? (I'm a sucker for plushies).

    I've always said, that if I were to buy a promo, it wouldn't be for the code, it'd be for the real item. Sorry for all the questions!

    1. Umm... I have no idea. I'm really bad at visualizing measurements. But if you want the plushie, I say hi for it and get one!

    2. Waiting for them to be sold on amazon

  5. Those are cute! I saw those at target a few months ago. But why just a diamond? We get diamonds every day. And to be honest it is worth more than one diamond. -biggulps

  6. What was the Promo prize online?


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