Monday, July 3, 2017

AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017 Day #7: DOUBLE ELIMINATION

Hi Jammers! Today is day seven of the AJW Summer Fashion Show! With only six contestants left, pretty soon we'll be down to the top three.

Yesterday, Miss Cleverspike was eliminated. Sorry, Miss! :(

Today is a double elimination, so make sure to vote out two people rather than just one. Good luck, everyone! Also, just a quick note: I won't be able to post the next round of the fashion show until Wednesday, due to Independence Day activities.


  1. I vote out Enchanted magicspirit and Mister Wonkybuddy

  2. Mister Wonkybuddy and Enchanted Magicspirit

  3. I vote out Mister WonkyBuddy and the coyote.

  4. I vote out Mister Wonkybuddy and Enchanted Magicspirit

  5. Blooming icylily and Wretched fieryshadow

  6. Enchanted MagicSpirit and the coyote -akmlynx

  7. I would vote out Enchanted MagicSpirit and Blooming IcyLily. I love your blog BTW!

  8. Blooming Icylily and 'That coyote.' (Oh gosh I am still safe)

  9. Mister Wonkybuddy and the unnamed coyote. Sorry!
    ~awesomecutesmiles on a different computer than usual

  10. I vote out Wretched Fierymeadow and Blooming Icylily.


  11. Nobody's ever mentioned me. I feel safe.

    1. I really don't mean to offend you but can you really stop typing these comments. I find it hard to ignore this. Please stop. Not trying to offend anyone. I really think that this kinda demotivates other contestants.

  12. I vote out Mister wonky buddy and blooming icylily


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