Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Guide to Tiki Trouble

Hi Jammers! :)

Before we begin today's post, let me just say that the new Adventure, Tiki Trouble, is awesome. It's fun, you can collect cool prizes from it, and it brings a whole bunch of new lore into the game for people to theorize about.

Tiki Trouble is for all Jammers (thank goodness!), and it's timed, just like the Forgotten Desert. The main objective of the Adventure is to retrieve the powerful pearls from three tiki statues: Momi, Koa, and Kapena, and bring the pearls to Tavie so she can use them to help the fight against the Phantoms.

To do so, first you must find and bring each tiki statue a specific item that will grant you the authority to speak with them.

Momi wants a Phantom Fish, which you can find by fishing at the fishing docks. There is a total of three fishing docks around the island.

Click the nets to cast them into the water, and about a minute or so later, the nets will come out of the water with an item. Sometimes a net will retrieve a boot, which gives you a rare item.

Kapena wants an Ancient Coin, which you can find in the shallow waters. You'll know you're in the shallow waters when you see lots of rocks around. Often times you will find seashells hiding in the water as well.

Lastly, Koa wants a sparkly Jewel, which you can find by mining the geodes found around the island. Along with the jewel, you can also find fossils and even gold bricks. Yes, gold bricks!

After you've given each tiki their specific item, they'll tell you that they're hungry and want either a coconut, pineapple, or banana. After you've given them three of the different fruits, they will finally give you the pearl. Give the pearl to Tavie, and Tavie will award you with a prize. Two prizes if you're a member. :P

That basically sums it all up. There's a few other little secrets, however.

You can trade in any fossils, cans, or seashells that you find to a Trader for gems.

There is a secret passageway for arctic wolves that leads to a cave with geodes and chest inside. The chest gives you one of three different fruit trees for your den.

Lastly, there are many chests that can be found around the island that will either award you items or gems.

I hope you found this guide useful. Thanks for reading! Bye bye!

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  1. I got a Pink long Garbage spice from this adventure lol

    1. I only got two of the same item I already had. It's actually pretty rare to get a spike. I am usually a loner in the FD so I never get it in the FD, lucky clovers is the only adventure where I get spikes.

    2. Nice. Was it from the boot or a prize chest?

  2. I got rare black short wrist from it! :OOOOOOO

  3. I got a boot twice in a row. It gave me the same item I already have both times.

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  5. Hello! I really really love your blog! It has inspired me to make one of my own! It isn't published YET, but i am working on it. It is called Jamma Juice... lame right. lol i will tell you when it comes out!

  6. Ahh! This helped so much! Thank you.


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