Thursday, July 6, 2017

Animal Jam Fashion Tags

Hey Jammers! Today, I am going to inform you of a new item of Animal Jam merchandise that has been popping up in local retail stores for quite some time now.

Image result for animal jam fashion tags

They're called fashion tags, and they come in a little bling bag that looks like this. Included in the bag is one fashion tag necklace, a sticker, and a code.

Image result for animal jam fashion tags

This is what they look like. It's basically just a beaded chain with a huge, rather chunky charm with an Animal Jam character on it. However, there are a few ''special tags'', which have a holographic background instead of a plain, solid color as shown above.

The code doesn't do wonders, sadly. It only gives you 1,000 gems. Nice to have if you're broke, though.

Thanks for reading. See you guys later!
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  1. Is the banner on the top of your blog IRL patrick and spongebob? XD

  2. where do u get them? o_o


  4. Those are so cool,thank you for letting me know about these.


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