Friday, July 7, 2017

AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017 Day #9: ONE ELIMINATION (Last Round!)

Hello and welcome to the very last round of the AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017! It's been a great run and I'm so grateful for everyone who entered the competition. It was so much fun seeing all of your awesome summer outfits!

The third place winner is Wretched Fierymeadow. Congrats, Wretched! ^.^

Alrighty... now it's time for the showdown for first place. Whoever gets eliminated this round will walk home with the second place prizes, and whoever is not eliminated will receive the first place prizes. Good luck!


  1. The last round, dun dun dun... The moment of life or death...

  2. I vote out Rose PoshLily -akmlynx

  3. Wait? That coyote was part of this the whole time????? Wow. But I vote the coyote out,

  4. Wow, can't believe I made it to the last round :o I honestly dont care if I get voted out XD I want the RC Car XD
    I vote out Roseposhlily

  5. aww i'm out XD! I vote out Roseposhlily Because she wants RC CAR

  6. Roseposhlily.

  7. Unnamed coyote in le corner! (Sorry sis!)

  8. *random nothing to do with this at all XD*
    I has a question, people are saying on the new animal pic, there ish flamingo legs, but.. I dont see any legs XD


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