Wednesday, July 5, 2017

AJW Summer Fashion Show 2017 Day #8: ONE ELIMINATION

Hello! My apologies for not being able to post the next round of the fashion show yesterday, but today we're back on track.

Unfortunately, Blooming Icylily and Mister Wonkybuddy have been eliminated. Sorry, you two! :(

Vote out one person today. After this round, we will begin handing out prizes! ^.^


  1. Wretched Fireymeadow, sorry! DX

  2. Enchanted MagicSpirit -akmlynx

  3. you didnt change it so i hope this picture EXPOSING you starts a RIOT >: (

  4. i think that last comment may have taken things a bit too far lol

  5. Enchanted Magicspirit - Goldenpotato

  6. Enchanted MagicSpirit.

  7. I vote enchanted magic spirit bc they are aldan wall

  8. Sorry, but I'm going to vote out Wretched.


  9. I haven't been active on the blog this week but I just found out I was eliminated!(I'm King ArcticWolf) Anyways,I vote Wrestched FireyMeadow out


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