Monday, July 10, 2017

Early Famous Jammers

*Update: the AJW 950K Views contest is now open for entries! Click here for more info.*

Hey there! I hope you're having a great day so far. ^-^

I'm sure you've all heard of the many modern famous Jammers, such as WisteriaMoon and Aparri, for example, but have you ever wondered what Jammers were famous back in the early years of Animal Jam?

Today, I'm going to list off a bunch of people that I remember were either famous, well-known, or just popular back in the years of 2010, 2011, 2012, and perhaps even 2013. Please note that some of the information I list about each Jammer may or may not be true depending on the reliability of the sources I collect the information from.

Ready? Let's begin!

Moosab was known for her rares and her blog that she shared with her friend Taliya.

Taliya was known for her rares and her blog that she shared with her friend moosab.

Pangaea, formerly Wando20, was known for her rares, blog, and YouTube videos.

VisualEffects was known for his rares. At the time, he owned one of the game's rarest items: an orange beard. According to some, Visual was also a scammer/hacker.

WitchHatBunny/LoveLost/Meloetta385 was super famous back in 2011/2012 for her blog, the Animal Jam Flash. She's also a great friend. :)

I don't know very much about stallion1, except that she had a blog and she had lots of rares.

From what I've heard, aapen1 was pizzadrop's brother, and he was a scammer.

Pizzadrop was famous for his rares and his hobby of trading. He has been called a scammer before.

You might recognize this Jammer... yup, it's snowyclaw! Snowy has been a popular Jammer for quite a long time, ever since she started the Animal Jam Spirit blog. Now she is known for many things, such as YouTube videos, Animal Jam Archives, and interning at AJHQ.

Fun Fact: a lot of people used to think Snowy was male.

GreatShot was known for blogging.


Trickertreee was known for blogging. You can probably tell by now that blogging was the main course of media that people took back then, before making YouTube videos became popular in the AJ community.

Image result for anima ljam sheesh4

Sheesh4 was known for her blog, the Animal Jam Insiders.

Image result for animal jam firetigerx

Firetigerx was famous for catching scammers and posting about them on her blog, or uploading evidence of them scamming on her YouTube channel.

Copeland was known for clanning and trading.

CinnamonCake, formerly VivaCandy (known as Fuzzy Shyivy) was famous for creating the very first Animal Jam blog.

GreenFun was known for her rares and blog.

Feelers was known for her blog.

Madjaster was known for having one of the biggest Animal Jam clans of all time. His den used to be constantly full of roleplayers.

Image result for animal jam xxfreespiritxx

XxFreeSpiritxX, also known as Goldfishypuppy or Breathless, was known for two different AJ blogs: The Animal Jam Freedom and Jamaa's Written Truth.

Image result for animal jam misterchunkybuddy

MisterChunkyBuddy was known for his blog.

Image result for julian2 animal jam

Ah, here's another Jammer that was famous back then that is still famous today. Believe it or not, Julian shaped Animal Jam is more ways than you might think. He invented flash trading, gave popularity to the now super common ''basic arctic wolf look'', and so much more. Nowadays, instead of trading, he makes entertaining YouTube videos.

Image result for lilacpetal animal jam

LilacPetal was famous for her videos on YouTube. She still comes around and visits every once in a while, but with college and all of that, she doesn't have very much time to put into making AJ-related content anymore. (P.S. does anyone remember when Bepper and Lilac were like, best friends?)

Image result for the slidoo animal jam

TheSlidoo was known for blogging.

That's all of the people I'm going to talk about today. Leave your thoughts in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading! Happy jamming.

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  1. I remember misterchunckybuddy so well, his blog was the first one I ever read.

  2. I remember a few of those people besides Julian2 and Snowyclaw.

  3. I remember when Trickertreee disappeared lol

    I kinda wish that blogging was still the main off-game AJ outlet. I might be biased because I'M a blogger, but it feels like there are more ways to be creative, and because ads don't get you much money, it isn't all about clickbaiting kids into giving you revenue. You have to genuinely keep people interested.


  4. I heard Aparri and Bepper's old accounts were also pretty famous

  5. I remember most of these guys

  6. The days when blogging was more famous *sighs* I didn't read blogs in those days though, the only thing I did online was AJ XD
    If only blogging wasn't an afterthought,
    All I'm asking for is a blogger plaque AJHQ! XD If we got a blogger plaque for a certain amount of views or followers, I would never complain again XD
    Your blog was the first blog I ever read! I saw the post about the unreleased AJ toys (Before any of them came out) when I just typed in Animal Jam on google, before that I had no idea what a blog was, if you ask pretty much anyone in jamaa township if they read the most popular blog (Not the AJ spirit) they will go like "whaaat?"

    1. Oh my gosh, saaaame. I agree with basically everything you just said. Back then, blogging was definitely the norm. And a blogging plaque would be great, because then it would get more people into the blogging side of AJ!

    2. Instead of team zios vs team mira at vidcon it would be team Youtube vs team Blogging at jamcon or something XD Even though a lot of us wouldn't be able to go ik, at least one blogger there would be good XD
      *imagines like 15 bloggers there and like 5o youtubers)

  7. Hey, Naffy! It's Balaur here, sorry for not playing much! Both firetigerx and Sheesh4 used to be my friends, but they both lost interest in AJ, as they were getting older. I do miss them both, they were really nice people.

    As for Feelers, we were buddies for a short while, but we sort of drifted apart. I still have the turkey hat she gave me. :3


  8. I just joined aj last year so I had no idea about most of these old famous jammers, and I will not participate in the 950K Views contest because my art is horrible.

  9. I remember meeting Mister Chunky Buddy a few years back. He was on my buddy list but I think I unbuddied him because he never went on. But he was really nice and his blog was pretty entertaining.

  10. wow does this ever make me feel nostalgic!
    I found this post because I was going to read some of trickertreee's old stories, I miss a lot of the people on this list, I used to sorta be friends with greatshot


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