Monday, March 21, 2016

The Secrets of Headdresses

Hey hey hey! Welcome back to my blog, everybody! ^.^

Today I would like to talk about headdresses.

We all know what headdresses are. They're super popular nowadays and quite sought after, if you ask me. In addition to that, they make great outfits.

When headdresses were released in celebration of the Feast of Thanks in 2011, no one really cared. Sure, they were cool items and still are today, but they weren't rare, because they were currently being sold for 200 gems.

But when headdresses didn't return for the 2012 Feast of Thanks, they immediately started to increase in rarity. Today, headdresses are totally in. xD

The big question is, why didn't headdresses return? Will they ever return? They're not available as a prize in the Forgotten Desert, just like masks and Founder's Hats.

Want to hear my theory?

The reason why headdresses were no longer sold is because AJHQ thought that Native Americans might be offended.

Headdresses are sacred to Native Americans, and are to only be worn by a highly respected elders and men who have earned the right to wear them. Headdresses are not just cultural garbs, but spiritual garbs.

Last year I was harassed by a very crude Jammer who was supposedly part-Native American because my wolf's old look included a blue headdress. I understand how and why that offended him, but to this day, I still believe he could have taken the matter a bit more... peacefully. >_<

Now that headdresses are everywhere, there's not much AJHQ can do to remove them entirely from the game. As a business, they would lose a lot of players, therefore losing a lot of money.

What do you think of headdresses? Should they be re-released? Should they be wiped out from Jamaa completely? Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.



  1. I guess they didn't account for the Natives that may play... >-<

  2. I think it would be super cool if headdresses were re-released! I really like the way they look!

  3. When it came out in 2011 I got it but I didn't like it so I got rid of it, it turned out that it went out of stores and I didn't know and then I was sad, I got one in 2012 then I traded it for a worn I have today, I REGRET THAT CHOICE I MADE! DON'T DO WHAT TIG DID XD And I don't want it to be released again because I like trying to trade for it and I like how it a valuable item.

  4. I never thought of that before! That might be the real reason! I love Headdresses, but I can see how those would offend Native Americans.


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