Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: Cami Carver

Hi! c: Welcome back for the third volume in the Animal Jam Spotlight series!

Today, we're spotlighting a very special someone - a born fighter and the reason Cami's Frog is an item in the game: Cami Carver! You can just call her Cami. ^.^

Cami is a girl diagnosed with leukemia, a type of cancer that lives in the blood or bone marrow. Before she was born, her father Pat picked out a frog toy for her. Ever since the day little Cami was brought home, she has slept with this frog toy "Froggy" ever since.

Pat works for AJHQ, so he later featured Froggy in AJ by creating Cami's Frog and selling it in Jam Mart Furniture for 100 gems! This item was only available for a short time during beta testing.

I'm going to share a quick quote about Cami and her frog:

"It's really the only item [Cami's Frog] that deserves to be rare, you know?" -Goldfishypuppy

Such a sweet story about a sweet girl, don't you think? :)

Oh, and Cami is also the lead role in the Wild Explorer episodes featured on the DE.

Signing off...


  1. I don't think cami has cancer anymore which is great! I am following her mom on Instagram:)

  2. That's great that Cami doesn't have cancer anymore!-cheer

  3. I agree with the quote! ^-^

    1. Me too! Cami's like 12 now right?

    2. i wish i could get my own item in aj its pretty unfair if you ask me.

  4. A Cami Frog is my dream item. If anyone would want to trade their Cami Frog for my Orange Gecko Plushie, I would really appreciate it!
    P.S. My user in AJ is Cookie0417!

  5. I cried when I heard about this last year :(

  6. Cami is my biggest Inspiration!!

  7. she is so strong!!! i'm a big fan of you!!!


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