Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Animal Jam Spotlight: Aparri

Hello! ^-^

Welcome back for the second volume of the Animal Jam Spotlight series! :)

Today's lucky spotlight is... (drum roll please)... APARRI!

*crickets chirp*

Yeah... I know. You already know who the lucky spotlight is because you read the title.

Anywho! Let's get on with this post, shall we? c:

Aparri is easily the most famous Jammer in all of Jamaa as of today, March 14th, 2016. His YouTube channel is only less than a year old and has grown tremendously. He recently hit 100,000 subscribers. While his biggest competition in the AJ YouTube community (wolffeycat) reached 100,000 subscribers just days before him, Aparri is more well-known for his original entertainment and iconic wolf character.

Before Aparri became Aparri, he was known as 7. On that account, he was extremely rare. It's safe to say that he owned everything from unreleased mace tails to orange beards (when they were sought after). He hacked and scammed, too. He even sold the rares he gained from hacking and scamming for Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, and other forms of cash. One witness says he sold Founders' Hats for $50.00. Some Jammers still continue this awful tradition today.

When 7 got banned, he created a new account: Aparri, who we all know today. The big question is, does he still hack/scam? Aparri claims to have quit his old, selfish ways. Imagine what would happen if he got caught hacking/scamming as Aparri. His entire reputation would be ruined!

Other fun facts about Aparri include:

- His real name is Jim (right? yes? I'm pretty sure it is)
- His favorite part about being a YouTuber is the constant support from fans and friends
- His least favorite part about the AJ YouTube community is the drama
- He is the brother of Kosho
- He uses Camtasia Studio 8 to edit and record his videos
- He uses Photoshop to create the thumbnails for his videos
- He was born in Massachusetts (unconfirmed)
- His birthday is March 11
- He has braces

And there you go! A basic introduction to the life of Aparri. o3o


  1. Wait so he made a YouTube channel less then a year ago and he already has 100,000 subscribers?!

  2. I feel Aparri shouldn't have reached 100k before people like Twinkle and Slushy, and DEFIANTLY shouldn't be more popular then wolffeycat. (NO HATE, he does put lots of effort into his channel). I find it really funny that whenever I tell someone he used to hack, they are like "OMG NO HOW COULD U REPORTS BLOCKS U WILL BE BANNED" --meganfurryfun37

  3. I had no idea he was 7, he's now one of my favorite animal jam YouTubers XD

  4. I think Fang interview him while he was 7. Or was it Bepper??

    1. So Appari was once 7? That makes sense, I didn't know any of this,only that he's some famous AJ guy

  5. Aparri get a life! Ur hacking and scamming days r over now u r i forget ur age but who cares!!! :o

  6. how did you know he was 7? I thought his account was made years ago

    1. he was 7 because he said so on his first video, which is called welcome to my chanell,

  7. Aparri still actually scams today: A Giveaway Scam. Basically, it's a YouTube AND Animal Jam scam mixed. So if I were you, unsub to him because he does it just for his rares and his amount of subs

  8. He still scams today, it's true! People are so into hid vids like I was, you don't even CARE if you get scammed by him! How he does it: he hosts giveaways and gets people to gift him headdresses and then the last day he says nope no giveway today! So people lost their light pink hds over this!

  9. His name is James, Jim for short and yes, he DID have braces @anonymous Not true. Where is your actual evidence?

  10. If Aparri is 7 and 7 is a hacker, why is Aparri famous?

    1. Because he is a hacker for fame too. XD (He still hacks and scams, and he scammed me.......)


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