Friday, March 18, 2016

Animal Jam Mailtime Skit

Hey everyone! ^.^ I hope you're having a fabulous FRIDAY! Whoopee! :D

Unfortunately, I was not able to make a post regarding yesterday's Jamaa Journal, so I will just mention a few things about the latest update:

- New Spring Adventure :3
-The Mooshroom (no, I'm not crazy, and although I know I can be crazy sometimes, I know for a fact that it's really spelled "mushroom") Hut has returned to the den shop
- New Den Tabs :o
- Rhinos are traveling

And yeah! That basically sums it all up. Not one of the biggest updates we've seen so far this year, but a good addition to Jamaa. :)

The other day I created this funny little skit video for you to watch. I hope you enjoy!

Last but certainly not least, I whipped up a graphic for your pleasure!



  1. YAY! SPRING BREAK! :D-cheer

    1. My spring break is during the first week of April, which is also MAH BDAY! :DDD

    2. Coolio! I had a 4 day weekend when it was my birthday, so I got to sleep in! :P-cheer

  2. I loved that mailtime video, Nafaria! Favorite. Youtuber. And. Blogger. Ever.


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