Friday, March 4, 2016

Party Pics!

I'm so lucky to call you guys my friends.

Do you know why?

Because without you all, this party would have been a total bust.

Thank you so much to those who managed to come! Those who couldn't make it were dearly missed.

Here are some pictures we took during our grand adventures:

After a quick game of Find-the-Plushie, we all slid down the rainbow slide and messed around in a pot of gold. Taco strongly believes Donald Trump should have come to the party because he would have loved the pot of gold we jumped in. xD

My fox looks like a hooligan, but at least we were having fun. o3o


Another AJ selfie!

After taking some selfies and having a crazy dance-off, we played Lucky Clovers. ^.^

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll see you guys tomorrow, hopefully. I'm going to see a Disney on Ice performance in the morning, and visit AJHQ right after. I might take some pictures! :)!!


  1. That's so cool that you get to see AJHQ!-cheer

    1. Aww I missed the party noo! I'm so sorry D:
      And WOW!? You get to see AJHQ! Yes, PLEASE take pictures, anything AJ related I am interested in, hehe! :P

  2. Tell us about all the experiences you got at AJHQ! And a sneak peek at the toys :3 ALSO I'M IN ALL BUT ONE PICTURE! That's okay though c: At least I was A) was not there at the end like the last party lol B) having fun and C) loved hanging out with all of you! Also, I'm the yellow cheetah and the eagle that Naffy's wings are covering up (the one with the raccoon tail). Also, my friend's brother passed away, if all of you could put him in your thoughts <3

  3. Im sad lol, i live in the UK and was in school in like history class when this was on. Mind you, its REALLY hard to organise a party where all people in the world can go. Maybe next time. Also when will the next fashion show be? I was first out last time and will be DETERMIND to get to at least 10th place this time. --meganfurryfun37 gosh i hate my username XD

  4. Wait, you went to AJHQ! If i went i'd just yell in the developers ears "PUT RAREZ IN STORE SO PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT OTHERS AND DONT JUST TRADE FOREVER!" Mind you, since they give robotic email replies, they probobly are robots and would just say, "your ideas have been passed to the development team! We LOVE jammers IDEAS so use the purple question MARKS around jamaa to give us your IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0 wow. --meganfurryfun37 gosh i hate that username again ;)

  5. That party was fun! And it was nice because I usually can't go to your parties cause of the time difference. Lucky you get to go to AJHQ I'm to far away from that:'(

  6. NOOOOOO! I MISSED THE PARTY! I'm crying XD But I hope everyone that came had a nice time :)

  7. Sorry I got there so late : (

    And then my AJ crashed so I didn't get to say goodbye

  8. I got on at the time you said to get on and stuff but you weren't on and you had your den locked. I waited 10 mins and checked again, still weren't on. I thought you called it off, and now im seeing this. This is super disappointing. :C Oh well...

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that! I unlocked my den but sometimes it glitches and locks itself again. :(

    2. Its fine! ^^ I can always wait till the next party :3


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