Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Banana Skit Video + New Poll

Yo everyone, it's yo' gurl Naffy here...


That sounded REALLY unlike me. In fact, it sounded more like Aparri. O_O

Okay then...

Well, I hope you've all been enjoying the new series I started the other day. "For the Last Time" is actually a true story, but I've changed up some parts to make it fit my desires for the plot.

There are four parts to the series, and the finale will be up on Friday morning. :)

Meanwhile, I've been working on a short little skit video, and it's finally complete! ^-^


Hehehe... bananas. Did you know that if you eat a banana for breakfast, it can help stimulate happiness and cheerfulness throughout the day?

I need to be eating more bananas! xD

Once again, here is yet another reminder for the party this Friday. I hope you all can make it. Those who won't be attending will be missed!

And last but not least, there is a survey on the right hand side of the blog. Be sure to take it!

That's it for today. Keep whipping!


  1. I recently found that eating bananas in the morning gives me a stomachache later on though :c

    I think I can actually make it to one of your parties for once though, so at least that's good~

  2. Heh, it made you sound like IIsuperwomanII. "Hey guys, it's yo' gurl Superwoman!"

  3. At first I thought oh this video is gonna be a few minutes then I watch it and I'm like oh just 12 secondsXD


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