Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jamaa Journal VOL. 169 - Pet Lemurs


Hey there! :) Today is Thursday, which means there is a new Jamaa Journal, which means there is a new update! Yahoo!

Pet Lemurs have arrived in the Diamond Shop! Of course it's in the Diamond Shop. Everything else is these days! D: Oh well.

I actually think they're kind of creepy-looking. o-0

The April Fools' Party has returned! I've always loved April Fools' Day. Did you know my great grandpa was born on April 1st? I'm sure my great-great grandparents got a laugh out of that! :P See what I did there? Laugh? April Fools' Day? No? Okay, I'll stop. XD

Falcons will be arriving soon! I personally think sloths or ostriches would have been a better choice, because we already have eagles. I wonder if the falcons will look any different. I hope so. :T

FINALLY! This page is probably my favorite of all. Now you can recycle more than one item at a time, and you can search for items when trading! Sweet! ^.^

Aww! I'm so sad that the deer of Jamaa are taking a short vacation. :c Adios, deeries!

That hippo looks ADORABLE.

That's it for the newspaper. Now onto other things!

There is a new set of armor called the Flower Armor. This is being modeled by an arctic wolf. Click on him to purchase some flowery items! :3

Last of all, I want to give you another reminder about the party that is taking place in a week!

See you later, Whippers!


  1. I totally agree. Those lemurs look pretty creepy...-cheer

  2. To be honest, I don't really like this update.. I was looking forward to Spring Bunnies.. not to hippos.
    ~A very, very sad Cosmic

    1. I know, right? Spring bunnies were cool.

    2. I had a spare membership card so I used it because of that epic yet strange hippo fountain bj ti got the leopard stuff instead. I bought the leopard already so... AJHQ SCAMMED my £6.

  3. I'll try my best to make it to your party! And I hope the falcons come soon cause I really wanna see what they look like

  4. I think we should of got ostriches or sloths too

  5. You think lemurs are creepy?! They are cute! In the next week or so, I dare you to get a lemur and dress it up in the cutest way possible. Then reply to this comment saying if you still think they are creepy.


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