Friday, March 25, 2016

Clan Items

Are you thinking about joining a Clan, but have nothing in your inventory that would make a good costume? Here are some popular items that Clanners typically wear to make their characters more intimidating and supreme.


  1. I usually wear a sword, fox hat, rare spiked collar, rare leg armor, and a Diamond Shop elf tail armor for my regular wolf, Oakheart/Flamestar. For my alternate, who also has the same outfit as my wolf when she's Jetmoon - before Catcher was born, wears a white flower crown, black long spiked collar, black Jamaaliday Bow, white Leg Armor, and a white bone tail. I'm guessing Heart Lockets are for medicine cats?

  2. Sorry for being random but..... MY TEAM WON THE COUNTY MATH BOWL! I know I sound nerdy but this is our fist year winning! :D

  3. That's actually quite a few items for clans, it's a good thing. Hmmm maybe AJ made some items just for clans?


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