Friday, March 11, 2016

Item Graphics

Most of these graphics belong to me, but you are welcome to use these with or without credit. :)

(not made by me -- credit to someone else)

Also, I received TWO MORE spiked wristbands from the Lucky Clovers adventure! :O I swear, Lucky Clovers really is lucky... a LOT luckier than the Forgotten Desert! XD


  1. These are nice graphics! and congrats on the spikes!

  2. Cool graphics! Also, congratulations on the spiked wristbands!

  3. What order do you open the chests? I figured out the game is based on patterns (which order you open the chests) that determine what prizes you get.-cheer

    1. I don't open chests in any specific order, but I don't think your prizes are based on what chests you open when. I think the prizes are randomly selected the moment you enter the adventure.


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