Friday, March 4, 2016


Thank you SO MUCH for this magnificent work of art, cyacheer! Your talent and creativity blows my mind! ^o^

It's about time I get off my butt and draw something for you guys. x3


  1. OH MY GOSH THIS AMAZING!! Cyacheer you have amazing talent!!

  2. How would I get drawings to you, Naffy? I would love to draw something for you!

    1. Most people just take a picture of their drawing and send it to me through email. ;) If you need my email address, you can find it in the "contact me" section at the bottom of the blog!

    2. Sweet! I can draw you later, as I'm busy ^.^

  3. See, this is where i need a youtube account, because I'd probobly make a speedpaint for you as my first or second video. Thats an AMAZING drawing though, I can never draw headdresses, and the anatomy is PERFECTION!
    -meganfurryfun37 who is seriously considering starting to comment with my side account's username which doesnt sound as derpy XD

  4. It was my pleasure! I really enjoy making art for other people!-cheer :)

  5. I'm drawing you something right now! Hint: Kawaii version of a wolf

  6. Naffy, follow THIS link to a video with a sneak peek of your drawing: (HINT: Watch the video to the end to see the sneak peek.)

  7. Will do when I get the chance! :D I am so excited!


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