Friday, March 25, 2016

The Claw Machine of Destiny (Part 1 - The Claw)

Comment your predictions for the next part down below!


  1. Wow! This series is amazing already!!
    **could you visit my blog? It would mean a lot. ^.^ **

  2. I think that... Idk it will transport them into the future??? XD But btw Naffy Rosepetal135 scammed me, I guess it could be called scamming bc she took my fox hat. I feel so silly XDD!! :P But I don't rlly need that fox hat, I can get a new one :)

    1. Aww! I'm so sorry. What color was your fox hat?

    2. Lol it was pink, I don't like pink though so NO LOSS :D

  3. Cool! I don't really have any predictions.. But I'm going to see Zootopia today!
    ~Cosmic on her iPad


    I finished copying down my old fanfiction. Took forever to find, but I hope you get a good laugh at it.

  5. Hmm! Maybe every time you get a plushie from the machine, it changes your destiny?? But then what happens if you DON'T get a plushie? That part makes me nervous :'D

  6. By the way, Nafaria, can you send me a picture of your fox so I can write you a fanfiction of your "bae" in Zootopia and you? Lol this is going to be horrible I can't write XDD

  7. I'm keep on seeing Pillow Pets World ads around the blog O.o

  8. I love it it seems really interesting!


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