Thursday, March 10, 2016

Animal Jam Quizzes

Hey Jammers! :) Naffy here! Today we're gonna talk about QUIZZES! :3

Nope, not the boring, stressful kinds of quizzes you take at school. I'm talking awesome, fun quizzes all about Animal Jam!

You've probably seen Animal Jam YouTubers like Aparri, Twinkle0122, and WisteriaMoon take these quizzes before. If you haven't, then you are in the right place!

Let's begin with some of the most popular quizzes out there in the AJ community, shall we?

1. Which Famous Jammer Are You?

This quiz was created by Bigtenfoxlady, a well-known Animal Jam Instagrammer. If you've ever wondered which famous Jammer you're most like, then this is the quiz for you!
**NOTICE: In order to take this quiz, you must create an account with an email address. If you do not have an email address, you can use a fake one. If you are still confused, check out Twinkle0122's video here.**

2. Which Alpha Are You?

This is a relatively accurate quiz. Are you most like Sir Gilbert, the tough and fearsome tiger, or Peck, the spunky, creative rabbit? ^.^ I'm most like Greely because I enjoy reading and writing, and I'm rather quiet. Heh heh.

3. Who's Your AJ Love Match?

This quiz was created by WisteriaMoon with the help of a few other Jammers. I wish it were still possible to take the quiz. :c Either it got removed or something glitched up. You can see for yourself here.

Anyway. :P

 This quiz was favored by many Jammers alike. The results were supposedly "extremely accurate". I remember taking the quiz and ending up with WootMoo and GummyTheWolf a few times. o.o Definitely unexpected.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I was the most like LoveNarwhal and I got Peck in the alpha quiz. :P Peck definitely is like me except for her being all hyper and stuff...

    1. I got the same for both quizzes as you! Coincidence? ^-^

  2. I made a video about this before! Well the famous jammer are you not the alpha one tho!

  3. I'm Peck in the alpha quiz! I guess it matches because I always get hyper drinking strawberry milk, totally love drawing anime and chibi, and my cousin got Greely. Which is totally weird considering that she's really talkative.

  4. For the alpha quiz I'm Peck! which makes sense cause I love to draw and I'm also really hyper XD

  5. For the alpha quiz i got peck and she is so like me


  6. On the quiz about what famous jammer you are i got uh.....i cant remember but my 2nd one was lovenarwhal (did i spell that right?) and for the alpha quiz i got peck. so right!!!! exept the art ( forgive my spelling pls ) bookpopnm out


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