Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vine Flowers + Owl Button Graphic + Play Wild?

I was looking at the new item today, and noticed something I hadn't before.

In this picture, the vine on the lamppost is complete with a few leaves.

But in this picture...

.. the lamppost has little purple flowers on the vine!

Cute, right? :3

Also, here's a little graphic of an owl I whipped up yesterday:

You can expect more graphics to come soon. ^.^

One last thing - isn't Play Wild supposed to be released sometime this month? Perhaps tomorrow it will finally come! :o I've heard good news about this app, so it must be fun. (:

Bye-bye! And thank you ALL for 370,000 views! I'll try my best to set up a contest, as well as a few notifications later on.


  1. Nice graphic! and i hope the new app comes out tomorrow! :D

  2. I like the graphic! I hope it comes out tomorrow! Though I have a feeling it will come out next week:( BUT IT BETTER BE THIS WEEK! And if not I will be a sad person:( And it is due to come out this month so yippee! CROSS OUR PAWS OR FINGERS OR FINS OR FLIPPERS OR FEET FOR IT TO COME OUT TOMORROW!!!


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