Friday, April 10, 2015

Tryout Questions

1. What month, day, and year was Animal Jam first publicly launched? (Hint: date the Beta Testing ended)
2. What was the first Monthly Member Gift?
3. What were the four original pets?
4. True or False: Elephants were released during Beta Testing.
5. In what year were horses released?
6. What were the two first parties on Animal Jam?
7. According to the ancient legend, how were phantoms formed?
8. What bird species is Mira?
9. True or False: Star capes were sold during Beta Testing.
10. Name the four original lands.


  1. I can only answer 5/10 questions off the top of my head. Not trying out :P

    1. Pleeeeeeeease!? You can look up and study the questions you don't know. Everyone else is doing that (most people),

  2. We con look stuff up for this to study, right?

  3. Can't wait!! ^,^


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