Monday, April 27, 2015

Apology and Rare Poo Edit

Hey guys.

Big apologies for missing the party yesterday. I had to go to a baby shower.

Unfortunately, before I went, I typed up a little post saying that the party was canceled on my iPod, but for some reason it never posted. :T Oh, well.

Since there's not much to post about today, here is a funny edit of "Rare Poo" that Violet made for me. o3o

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg


That face though. xD


  1. That quick post you made on your iPad showed up for me earlier. Was it called "Note"?

    1. I saw Note. Also, I can't see the picture. Congrats QTAngel for being Jammer of the Month! Naffy, when will you start that new plushie thing?

  2. Oi, Naffeh. I just wanted to say that the AJW hit 380,000 views a long time ago. 03o

    1. Yes, that was the post. :) And I noticed that! I will host another contest soon. And a raffle for 50+ followers.

  3. Da rare poo made by me! Thanks for posting it!

  4. You like it!!!!!!! I like it too the whole world loves it. The poo could go viral over aj internet! I know I think the future a lot. One time my class was playing red rover and my friend and I weren't and I was like but what if you fall on your back then break your neck or something then die? It was something like that and then my friend was just like wow you think a lot... Also I saw the notice post it posted


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